Phoenix from the Flames

Phoenix from the Flames

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Now available in Small (50 gram) and in 6 Pack (6 braids). 



This colourway can only be solar dyed. This is part of our fixed collection, but the time it takes to dye this color varies. The combed top roving is dyed with the colours of a flowy rainbow. The colours will keep on amazing you when this braid is spun up. 

Let's spin this up!


Handdyed Combed Top

Dyed in our Solar Oven, without added heat

It depends on the weather how saturated and bright the colors are. On sunny days in summer is the best. 

In winter we dye in the oven (solar electricity powered) and those are a bit different. When you order this color, we'll always try to solar dye it. Or take one out of our supply of last summer. 

No toxic chemicals were used

Totally sustainable and Animal Friendly

Mulesing free

Fair Price for Farmers


100 gram Phoenix can be dyed to order on: 

Falkland wool, Merino 21 Micron, Merino/Bamboo blend, Certified Organic Merino (23M) and BFL/Firestar


During Summer this colourway can be ordered at any time on all types of wool. 


**will be dyed to order!!**

**NOTE: Every Rainbow is a bit different! And just like in nature: All hand dyed braids are a bit different than the picture. There are so many influences on the process we can't and don't want to control. If you are not sure about the results, ask us for an update before we ship. We will send you a photograph**